You can see the evolution of the Park since its inception


Elast l 15 December of 1992 they begin to work the first excavator and under the supervision of Horacio Helmann begins the construction of the Park and the search and acquisition of its first attractions. Since then the leisure in Marbella acquires a new dimension.

The 19 March of 1993 a day awaited by all mHoracio Helmann Orazabal propietario de Funny-Beach Marbellaarbellies. Marbella inaugurates its amusement park, all the marbellies Park, so far only in the Costa del Sol for your concept and characteristics.
From this moment, the long awaited amusement park ceased to be a project to become a reality.
To the 11 in the morning, the municipal corporation along with D. Horacio Helmann, cut Ribbon symbolizing official opening of the Park. The day of his inauguration, the Park had with “karting track”, "video games room", "Trampolines" among others, It fascinated all visitors, In addition to agreeing with the first concentration of motorbikes in Marbella. Reach the most innovative hydraulic of the era that made the delight of children were located in the children's area.
But the Funny Beach Amusement Park, Since its inception, It has always been in constant renovation to offer the best rides and shows.

A park in constant evolution….
At the moment, more than 12 attractions are complemented by performances, hobbies, and a cuisine to balance a global leisure offer in the 1,5 hectares of Park.
For this reason, one of the parks with greater capacity of the South of Spain , be able to play hundreds of people at the time.

It is now twenty years forming part of the story and the illusions of Marbella, offering the best to its thousands of visitors and keeping alive expectations of fun of the national and foreign public that has relied on the Park to enjoy your leisure time.