Double donut
  • Price: 50 €, for 1 o 2 people

  • Time: 15 minutes

Different varieties in inflatable! He who chooses you like!
For a max. of 4 people and a minimum of 2... You'll be swept away by a boat, feeling the waves and speed in any of these 3 what you decide to do! The Mammoth can be standing or sitting... in the Donut recumbent... and into the tornado sitting with their backs to the rest of your teammates!
The tour lasts between 12 and 15 minutes, has no age limit, While the vest saves lives and the town are your size and are safe, you won't have problems to enjoy these activities and remember one hilarious experience in the sea of Marbella! Do not miss it!
"Obligation" is the use of helmet and vest saves lives... is for your protection, These are elements that we give you free of charge.

You sit in this inflatable and everything seems normal, until you start to move and glide at high speed. Very comfortable and fun, You can not miss it.


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